April Tea Date

Hi everyone! 

Sarah here for my first ever ‘Tea Date’. 

I thought it would be a fun idea to do a post every month that lets you guys see a little bit of what I’ve been up to. I thought the name ‘Tea Date’ was fitting as I’m currently sitting here on a stormy afternoon drinking a hot cup of tea while i type away at my computer. 

This month has been super super busy for me, in both an exciting and stressful way! 

I’ve had my birthday, exams at uni, assignments and papers due, quick camping holidays and much much more going on, all while trying to work, study and of course most importantly BLOG. 



So the highlight of my month was of course my BIRTHDAY! I turned a whopping 22 and as always managed to drag my birthday celebrations out for a good 2 weeks… I know like to refer to it as my birthday ‘month’ rather than just my birthday haha 🙂

I had a bit of a change from my normal birthday’s as i decided that i wasn’t going to cook! Instead i had the family over and we all went down to the pub. I did cave in a bit on this as i still cooked dessert. I made a giant skillet chocolate chip cookie for the first time, and much to my dismay it failed miserably! Something i’ll have to work on in the future i think.

I also made some homemade ice-cream to go along with the giant cookie mess which thankfully turned out perfectly. I’ll have to get the recipe up for that sometime soon because i’m telling you it is something to die for.



Another highlight of my month was an impromptu camping trip. My dad and Uncle like to go off galavanting up and down the coast line at every chance they can get. So this time I decided to drive up and join them for a night. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar i live over in sunny old Western Australia. The weather’s been a bit crappy here lately (things are starting to cool down and i can feel winter coming 🙁 ). So when the opportunity to drive a couple hours up north to warmer weather popped up i jumped at the opportunity!

By the time we’d gotten their they already had a pretty cool little camp going…




The weather was beautiful, we were lucky and snagged a nice 30 degree (im talking celcius here people) day with minimal wind and a bit of swell.

This is the little beach that was about 100 meters from where we were camping. A little too much seaweed for my liking though!


the beach


We spent the day free diving, and scored ourselves a few fish in the process to cook up for dinner. Once it was all filleted we put it into a BBQ steam bag with some garlic, coriander and ginger and stemmed it for about 10-15 minutes. It was absolutely delicious! Definitely one of the best ways to cook fish on a barby. 


filleting fish


On the drive home we stopped past the pinnacles to have a quick look. They’re pretty cool, basically just big bits of rock sticking up everywhere in a dessert. I’d tell you more about it but we opted not to pay $20 to go into the gallery so thats pretty much all i know about them… whoops. 

Heres a picture of me standing next to a giant rock that we paid $10 to see, trying to smile and not squint because the sun was so bright!

pinnacles perth


On the drive through the pinnacles we also encountered a pesky little emu. He basically refused to get out of the road until we were nearly driving on top of him!



All in all it was a pretty great weekend away. 


That’s basically all of the fun and exciting things that i’ve been up to this month. I’ve been doing a mountain of cooking… as per usual. I’ve actually been working on my freezer meals section of my blog but its taking me sooooo much longer to get together than i thought it would! I actually cook freezer meals every month for my family to eat (it saves on so much time and money) so i’ve been really trying to get all that information up for everyone to be able to see. Hopefully that will get done for next month!


What did everyone else get up to in April? Any new and exciting things?

I hope everyone had a great month and has cooked some awesome food!

Sarah 🙂