Income Reports

Can you make money from a food blog?


So the burning question every blogger (including myself) is always asking, can you actually make MONEY blogging?

Well, from all the research I’ve done, the answer is both yes and no.

Some people make hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, and others make nothing.

Currently, as i’m sitting on my couch at 9:30 on a Tuesday night, i am one of those people who have made nothing. Well actually I’m in the negatives when it comes to this blog, if you include start up costs etc.


Why I decided to start this page


When i first started blogging, i came across a hugely successful food blog, pinch of yum. Lindsay and Bjork were inspirations to me, they pretty much proved that it was 100% possible to make a living off a food blog.

One of the things that i loved about their blog was their income report page. It outlined their profits and expenses for the month. I found this to be extremely useful because it also included what they did in that month to get the income and increased views.

After stumbling across this page i spent the next few weeks searching the internet for more blogs that shared their incomes and outlined how they built up their following. However, i found NOTHING! Pinch of yum was one of the only blogs that i could find that provided this wealth of information.


So i decided, when i started my own food blog, that i would do the same. The only difference is that i have started sharing my income reports from the very beginning of my little blog. This means that, hopefully, you will be able to see how i have grown my following from my very first post.

This section of my blog will basically outline all of my expenses and incomes (god hopefully i earn something at the end of this) and all the mistakes, hardships and positives that happened over that time in terms of monetising my blog. It will also look at how i went about increasing my following and generating an income.



Check back here every month to see how i’m doing and whether this little experiment of mine actually worked or whether my little blog here on the internet will simply remain a hobby… 


March 2018 – Income Report

April Income Report