March 2018 – Income Report

march 2018 income report


Welcome to my first full month of blogging!

The whole idea of this section of my blog is to show people the inner workings of a brand new food blog. How it works, how it attempts to make money, and what its actual earnings are.

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Just so were all on the same page, all this info is in Australian dollars $$


What i did this month


This month I posted my first every blog post! It’s been a pretty full on month really, learning how it all works.

It has been a month full of learning and may i say a month full of mistakes! I’m going to tell you straight up, for someone as bad with technology as i am (especially computers) creating a website has definitely been a challenge.

I managed to consecutively post 3 new blog posts a week for the whole month of March. One of Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings.

I also signed up to Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate programs as a way to begin monetising my blog (The USA and UK versions). I currently on display one ad in the side panel of my blog. This is just a personal preference, i’m not a big fan of covering my whole blog in ads!

Currently, this month, Google Adsense has made me $0.24… In reality its made me $0 as they don’t pay you until you reach $100!!

I haven’t had any luck with any of my affiliate links for amazon this month.

I had a lot of outlays this month as I was just getting started. I had to pay for:

  • my domain
  • my site hosting
  • a camera – pretty important for a food blog!
  • some food props
  • adobe photoshop
  • Vaultpress
  • Tailwind


So as you can see, its pretty easy to get into the negatives when you first start out!

I did safe a bit of money because i bought a second hand camera and most of the food props you can grab from Target for a couple dollars which is great.


My Expenses


Hosting - SiteGround (yearly subscription) $65.34
VaultPress (yearly subscription)$52.09
Adobe Photoshop (yearly subscription)$171.47
Tailwind (yearly subscription)$160.68
Food Blogger Pro Course created by Pinch of Yum writers (monthly subscription)$39.69
Blog Theme$63.32
Second hand DSLR Camera$360
New Camera Lens$169
Photo backdrops and food props98.96


My Income


My first month of blogging, my current income is:




As i said above i have made 24cents on google adsense but you don’t get paid this until you hit $100 earnings.




This month i have had 133 views on my site (45 unique visitors).



Total profit/loss for March 2018 = -$1180.55